Who We Are

High Wings Marketing India Private Limited is an innovative company where we have Products (Wellness, Cosmetic Products, etc ) and Trip Services and so much more in one platform.

We have provided a new beginning to many individuals / customers who strive to empower themselves with Wealth, Health and Experiences of our Product and service benefits. High Wings Marketing India Private Limited has continued to enrich the lives of everyone who is a part of the company and those who believe in our products and services.

High Wings Marketing India Private Limited is a leading Direct Selling Company dedicated to bringing today's consumers with the most superior products, services and lifestyle. To provide retail services and marketing in relation to FMCG, health care, personal care, home care, wellness products, textiles and garments, electronic devices and appliances through stores and e-commerce platform.

High Wings Marketing India Private Limited has adopted the Direct Benefit Transfer mechanism as an effective means to make our multiple trips and products pack available to customers. Delivery of these products will be carried out through our Direct Selling Agent(s), Distributor(s) and Primary Agent(s) or from company outlets. As our Company seeks to provide business opportunities, we welcome you to partner with us. If you are keen on sales of Products and Services. If interested, you can perform the role of Direct Selling Agent(s), Distributor(s), Primary Agent(s) or Dealer.