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Royal Wellness Face Cream is a firming and anti wrinkle cream suitable for all skin types. It is rich and nourishing and an ideal ally to restore your skin during the night.

This Face Cream contains Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter and is a fine toning and nourishing product suitable for dull skin, as it helps the skin repair damage caused by daily dust and grime. It nourishes and re-hydrates skin tissues and refines the texture. The cream also firms facial features by re-defining contours—gracing your skin with a more youthful appearance and an appealing sensation of freshness and elasticity.

Suggested Usage

After carefully cleansing your face, apply a modest amount of Royal Wellness Face Cream and gently pat with your fingertips. Repeat this beauty exercise every evening - especially during the night when face relaxes completely. The replenishing action of this treatment is most effective at this time.


Aloe Vera,
Grape Seed Extract
Shea Butter,
Almond oil,
Jojoba oil,
Fragrance & Color.

Key Benefits

Royal Wellness Face Cream tones the skin evenly. It also hydrates and works as an anti wrinkle cream.


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