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Most people take their feet for granted, until painful conditions such as blisters or calluses develop. But it’s important to be kind to your feet and take care of them by treating existing problems before they limit your ability to function. It goes without saying that good foot health is important if your job demands you be on your feet for any significant amount of time. Royal Wellness Foot Cream with Salicylic acid and Lactic acid effectively synergizes exfoliation and cell regeneration by rapid removal of calluses. Aloe Vera and Glycerin together double the moisturizing effect and also offer most desirable antimicrobial action. Zinc Oxide prevents cracking of skin and Urea prevents roughness, tightness and flaking of skin.

Suggested Usage

  • Royal Wellness Foot Cream is most suited for all ages to remedy dry, rough, cracked and callused feet.


Salicylic Acid,
Lactic Acid,
Aloe Vera,
Zinc Oxide &

Key Benefits

Wash the affected area with luke warm water and pat dry. Apply Royal Wellness Foot Cream liberally over affected area. Gently massage and allow to dry. Repeat twice daily, once after bathing and once before bed time.


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