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Royal Wellness Hair Gel is a hair styling product that is used to stiffen hair into preferred hairstyles. Though composed mostly of water, Royal Wellness Hair Gel also contains humectants, proteins, conditioners and oils. Royal Wellness Hair Gel can retain moisture and protect the hair, enhance and define curls, lengthen the hair, style hair into place, control frizz, create a flexible hold, add body and shine, provide help with manageability of the hair and provide a smooth comb-through. Royal Wellness Hair Gel is perfect for most hair types and can be applied to wet or dry hair.

Suggested Usage

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and condition it as usual. Use a towel to dry your hair until damp. It's important to maintain dampness. Squeeze some of the gel out of the tube. Place a small dab of hair gel onto your fingertips and rub your hands together for an even coat. Now rub the gel gently into your hair, as if it were shampoo. You'll need to use an appropriate amount depending on thickness and length of your hair.
  • Use a dime-sized amount for short hair.
  • Use a quarter-sized amount for medium-length hair.
  • Use two or more quarter-sized amounts for long (especially thick) hair.


Cross Polymers,
PVP K30,
Wheat Protein,
Frag & color.

Key Benefits

Royal Wellness Hair Gel gives you a complete range of hair styling options to choose from. This product prevents hair from dryness.


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