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Royal wellness Lip Cream is a unique formulation and a distinct product as compared to lip balms available in the market.

Royal Wellness Lip Cream offers enhanced moisturization to the lips as compared to normal balms.

Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline, which is a plant derived lip plumping agent; helps in skin rejuvenation, advanced moisturization, anti-aging activity and wrinkle prevention.

Royal Wellness Lip Cream delivers this important amino acid directly through the skin where it plays specific and essential roles in both the synthesis of collagen sub-units and in the three-dimensional folding of collagen fibers to regain skin plumpness lost through normal aging process. As it is a compound similar to those which occur naturally in the human body, it is well-tolerated by the skin and lips.

Suggested Usage

  • For best and plumping effect, apply 3 times daily for optimal results in about 30 days.


Cross Polymers,
PVP K30,
Wheat Protein,
Frag & color.

Key Benefits

With long-lasting moisturizing and lip plumping, Royal Wellness Lip Cream resculpts the skin, correcting imperfections and smoothing the marks of time to delay, and improve, the appearance of wrinkles by protecting the fibers of the dermis.

Royal Wellness Lip Cream activates the cells and promotes interaction between fibroblasts and the dermal matrix to stimulate remodeling and contraction of collagen fibers for strengthened tissues, improved elasticity, and the restoration of a more youthful skin tone and wrinkle prevention. Cellular elements of the skin are protected through the reduction of free radicals essential for vital, healthy skin.


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