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The field of massage therapy has grown phenomenally in recent years. More and more people are realizing that massage can have a wide range of benefits. Depending on what you need; proper massage can help relieve pain, relax muscles, improve posture, or reduce stress. It is said that a bare-handed massage activates the same part of the brain that is activated by opioid painkillers such as codeine.
Body massage benefits:
Boosts immunity
Improves flexibility
Reduces physical and mental stress
Improves blood circulation

Suggested Usage

  • Shower or take a bath. Always start with fresh, clean skin.
  • When you dry your body after bathing, remember to leave your skin slightly damp. Apply Royal Wellness Body Massage Oil generously on your body and massage gently.


Olive oil,
Vitamin E,
Jojoba oil,
Lavender oil,
Aloe Vera &
Sesame oil.

Key Benefits

Jojoba oil, a rich source of Vitamin E, gets rapidly absorbed through skin and keeps it healthy.
Lavender oil produces calming effects on the nervous system. One of the most popular uses for this oil is as an aid in inducing sleep and for general relaxation.


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