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Royal Wellness: Moist Lotion is an amazing body moisturizing lotion. Virgin Coconut Oil is admittedly the master of all saturated oils as it is free of hydrogenation, refinement or deodorization. This class of oil has been used since centuries in Asian countries. It helps in skin cleansing and moisturizing. Unlike normal moisturizing lotions that contain water, this natural moisturizer supplements and enhances moisture levels already present in the skin. Virgin Coconut Oil removes dead cells and strengthens the tissues present beneath the skin. Aloe Vera and Glycerine act as a humectant i.e. they trap skin moisture; Almond oil and Calendula oil nourish the skin, keeping it well-hydrated.

Suggested Usage

  • After shower, pat the body dry and apply Royal Wellness Moist Lotion on entire body. Spread uniformly for thorough absorption.


Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Almond oil, Calendula oil & Shea Butter Virgin Coconut Oil,
Almond oil,
Calendula oil,
Shea Butter,
Aloe Vera.

Key Benefits

Royal Wellness: Moist Lotion is most-suited for hydrating all types of skin. It provides long lasting moisturizing effect on the skin and prevents drying.


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