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The person executing this contract agreement by clicking on “ACCEPT”, below, hereby confirms that he has completed 18 years of age on this day of applying to the Company for becoming an Independent Distributor of the company. On acceptance of his / her application by the Company, he / she may be termed as Independent Distributor of the Company and shall abide by the Terms and Conditions laid down by the Company, a copy of which has been provided on the website of the company

The Independent Distributor hereby confirms and declares as under, THAT:

  1. I have read and understood the same before submitting my application.
  2. The Company has absolute discretion to decide whether to accept or reject my application.
  3. I should submit / upload self-attested copy of his / her Photo ID proof, Address proof and a Passport size photograph along with the application.
  4. Simultaneous to or within 15 (Fifteen) days from the date of executing the Contract, he / she agrees to submit the physical copies of the following documents ("Registration Documents”) to High Wings at its Registered office located at Bengaluru (Karnataka, India) and the same shall be acknowledged by High Wings in writing:
    • Original High Wings Application Form
    • One Color Passport Size Photograph
    • A self-attested PAN card copy
    • A Self-attested cancelled cheque / bank statement bearing Account Number & IFSC code
    • A self-attested copy of the address proof UID / Aadhaar Card preferred
  5. Your KYC should be submitted to head office within 15 (Fifteen) days period, otherwise the application shall be deemed to be terminated and your Business Operation Centre shall automatically stand terminated, without any further liability on High Wings. Further High Wings may reject the application, in whole or part for any reason, at its discretion, including but not limited to the application containing incomplete, inaccurate, false or misleading information. Any alteration or modification of the contract will be subject to rejection. For the avoidance of doubt, this contract shall be effective and valid from the date of acceptance of the Application Form by High Wings.
  6. High Wings Marketing India Private Limited hereby appoints the Independent Distributor and the Independent Distributor hereby accepts its appointment on a principal-to-principal, non-exclusive basis to use, promote and resell the High Wings Products in India.
  7. I shall not represent / act myself as an authorized representative / Agent or employee of the Company in any transaction nor do I have any expressed / implied / extensible authority either expressly or impliedly on behalf of the Company unless the same is expressly provided by the company in this regard.
  8. I undertake not to refer or introduce any products / services which are not promoted or provided by the Company.
  9. The Company will approve the Independent Distributor by issuing an official receipt and an online registration, which will carry password and an identification number known as Track ID as provided by the Company. The password and the Track ID have to be quoted by the Independent Distributors in all their transactions and correspondence with the company. The track ID once chosen cannot be altered at any point of time.
  10. High Wings agrees to allow the cooling off period of 30 days from the date of purchase / signing of Contract in order to cancel the contract and to receive 100% refund for goods or services purchased.
  11. High Wings agrees to allow buyback / refund of goods within 30 days of purchase of product.
  12. The product cost or any of it is non-refundable after lapse of 30 days from the date of Registration on website as well as by this contract. The Company’s liability is limited to replace any defective material, at its own cost. If found and reported within 24 hours of delivery, via email to designated email ID of the Customer Care department or returned to High Wings Office or closest distribution center.
  13. Return or refund will be entitled to all the customers and distributors within a period of 30 days. Full refund of the products purchased will be done as long as the products are in a saleable condition and seals are not broken.
  14. The Company does not assure any Independent Distributor of any rewards / incentives / commission merely on account of subscribing to the Company. The incentives, commission and rewards are all company policies which shall be liable to be changed from time to time. If an Independent Distributor does not agree by such amendments he / she may terminate this contract within 30 days of such publication by giving a written notice to the company. Independent Distributor’s continued relationship with High Wings will be considered as an acceptance to all the amendments.
  15. I shall be personally liable for all kind of taxes, via, or any other Government dues, levies or statuary liabilities arising due to any Earning / Income from High Wings.
  16. I understand that any of the right or obligations of my Independent Distributorship is not transferable to any other person other than my nominee without prior written consent of High Wings.
  17. It shall be the sole discretion of the Company to deal with its own business by laying down necessary Rules / Regulations / Policies and Procedures from time to time and I shall abide by the same.
  18. This contract constitutes the entire contract between me and High Wings Marketing India Private Limited and no other promises, representations, guarantees or contracts of any kind shall be valid unless given in writing.
  19. The Company shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, damages caused by breach, cancellation or suspension of this Contract, whether or not the possible reasons for such damages is known to the Company.
  20. All the payment / receipt shall be made to / from the Company’s Bank Account.
  21. Company shall not be responsible for payment made for any third parties who is not authorized by the company. In case any Mobile transfer / online payment / cheque or Demand draft has to be credited, the same shall be credited to the account of the Head Office of the Company and necessary receipt shall be obtained.
  22. For all the purposes, only English version will be considered as the official copy.
  23. No Independent Distributor is allowed to circulate any unapproved printed literature / training material without the written permission of the Company.
  24. Any Independent Distributor contravening any rules, regulation, policies, and procedures or causing any lawful loss to the company shall make this contract liable for termination with immediate effect and the company shall have the right to file appropriate civil and criminal proceedings against him / her as the case may be.
  25. The Company shall deduct Tax at Source (TDS) from the incentives, commissions and rewards as per the rates prescribed under the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  26. Independent Distributor should adhere to the rules and regulations formed by the company and if any of the Independent Distributor, who is not observing the same, shall be liable to be terminated from the company’s business relationship. The company reserves all rights to terminate an Independent Distributor non-compliance of any of its rules, regulations and guidelines.
  27. I shall not sell products / services on e-commerce platforms / market place or on any fixed retail outlet.
  28. The Independent Distributor should always behave and act in a dignified manner befitting the status of an Independent Distributor of a reputed and leading establishment of the country.
  29. High Wings may amend any of the terms and conditions in this contract and its website If an Independent Distributor does not agree by such amendments he / she may terminate this contract within 30 days of such publication by giving a written notice to the company. Independent Distributor’s continued relationship with High Wings will be considered as an acceptance to all the amendments.
  30. High Wings Products can be purchased by any mode of payment like Paytm / Debit Card / Credit Card / NEFT / RTGS / DD / Cheque / Cash accepted by High Wings company account only.
  31. The payments made to any other person or account will not be accepted by the company as due payment. The same cannot be taken into account. The Company has no responsibility towards such payments.
  32. I shall indemnify and continue to hold High Wings and its Directors, Employees and other Independent Distributors indemnified against all claims made by any third party or Customer prospected by me and any related damages and expenses including the legal expenses arising out of or connected to the conduct of Independent Distributor (in connection with false claims, promises and other assurances made by him / her which are not made by High Wings in writing). The liability of the Independent Distributor arising from this clause shall continue regardless of whether the action brought by such third party actually succeeds or not.
  33. In case of Non-Performance by Independent Distributor for consecutive 2 Years, High Wings will issue a Termination letter with a notice of 1 month to the Independent Distributor. If the Independent Distributor wishes to ask High Wings to review the decision to terminate, he / she shall make such a request to High Wings in writing within thirty (30) days from the date of notice of termination. If High Wings does not receive such request within the thirty (30) days period, the termination will automatically be deemed final.
  34. Jurisdiction in respect of any and all disputes arising out of or in relation to this Contract shall vest exclusively in the courts of Bengaluru (Karnataka, India) Jurisdiction.
  35. The Contract shall be governed by the laws of the country and all claims and disputes and other matters between parties of this Contract shall be brought to the appropriate court of Law, Bengaluru (Karnataka, India).

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Please make the payment in any of the following  :

NEFT :     ICICI Bank A/c No. 231705001901

NEFT :     HDFC Bank A/c No. 50200042605886


NOTE : Payable at Bengaluru.  Any person making payment to any third party will not be valid and the company will not be responsible for any claim whatsoever.